A set of tools for Etsy sellers to check their listings for best practices, and provide them with information to help them improve the performance of their shop.

We’re very excited to announce the official launch of the MyCraftTools website! This site is full of tools to help you manage your Etsy shop. Here is a sneak peak of the tools you will find:
Shop Info: Shows your basic shop stats as well as your shops 10 most views items and your 10 most ‘hearted’ items.
Tag Check: Lets you know which of your listings don’t have all 3 category tags or all 13 regular tags present. It also will let you know if any of your category tags or regular tags overlap.
Section Report: Gives basic information on each section in your shop. It also shows the most frequently used keywords in your listing’s tags and titles for each section.
Hint: use this tool to check out some of your competitor’s shops as well. They may be using keywords that you have not thought to use.
Listing Report: This tool will help you determine if there are any trends in the days and times you list new items or re-list existing items.

We will continue to update the site with new features as they become available!

  • Main category
  • Marketing
  • Price range
  • $5-20 USD
  • Operating systems
  • Android, iOS, Linux, MacOS, Other, Windows