30-Second Catalog Builder

Grow your sales!

The Automatic Catalog Builder app allows you to automatically create a beautiful catalog from your Etsy listings.  You can then download your customized catalog either as a PDF document in order to print it, or share it with a unique link as a digital catalogue.
The Automatic Catalog Builder has an easy to use drag and drop interface allowing you to rearrange your products, change the front and back covers, and customize your catalog (including cover text). You can also create either a retail catalog with your retail prices or a wholesale catalog with your wholesale prices (displayed on separate pages at the end of the catalog).
Other features include the automatic generation of a wholesale agreement and the generation of wholesale order forms. If you have any questions or requests for the future releases, don’t hesitate to contact the developer directly.

  • Main category
  • Marketing
  • Price range
  • $33-116 USD per month
  • Operating systems
  • Android, iOS, Linux, MacOS, Other, Windows
  • E-mail
  • support at nowinstore.com

No CC required