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Use WorkingPoint to take control of your finances: Manage your inventory, keep track of expenses and invoices, and get financial reports. WorkingPoint allows you to receive payments via PayPal, track the amount of stock you have on hand and much, much more. Best of all it integrates seamlessly with your Etsy Seller account. We take care of the financial management, leaving you to concentrate on the fun part: creating and selling the products you love!At the heart of our platform is double-entry bookkeeping; as any savvy business owner will tell you, double-entry bookkeeping is the central pillar of good financial management for business. The alternative to the double-entry bookkeeping method is the single-entry method, also known as the “checkbook method” since it is similar to tracking your business activities using only your checkbook. This works fine for individuals managing their personal finances, however it just doesn’t cut it for businesses. With double-entry bookkeeping you get a much more complete view of your business finances. WorkingPoint takes care of all that bookkeeping so you don have to.WorkingPoint is a complete solution for the financial side of your Etsy Storefront. Try us out for 90-days risk free.

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