Stitch Labs

Multichannel Inventory Visibility & Control

Gain Inventory Visibility & Control to Increase Profits & Scale Growth

Stitch Labs helps thousands of retailers seamlessly sync inventory, orders, and data across all their sales channels and warehouses for more intelligent, profitable, and scalable retail operations.

  • Omnichannel Inventory Visibility & Control
    Accurately track multichannel inventory and reliably forecast demand from a single platform.
  • Smarter Purchasing Decisions
    Easily anticipate stockout dates, set low-stock alerts, and auto-create purchase orders.
  • Multichannel Revenue Growth
    Increase revenue and avoid costly out-of-stocks and overselling with automated stock syncing across all your retail and wholesale channels.
  • Automated & Scalable Retail Operations
    Seamlessly integrate retail and wholesale channels, inventory, purchase orders, and fulfillment for reduced redundancies and improved productivity.
  • Flexible Order Management & Fulfillment
    Streamline order and fulfillment routing across sales channels, warehouses, drop shippers, and 3PLs while customizing workflows with our API to quickly meet customer demands and reduce costs.
  • Real-Time Data & Better Business Intelligence
    Unify real-time data to gain deeper insights into product and channel performance, maximize profitability, and drive actionable business decisions.

With Stitch Labs, retailers can:

-Accurately Track Multichannel Inventory
- Reliably Forecast Demand
- Avoid Out-of-Stocks and Overstocks
- Improve Operational Efficiencies
- Drive Greater Profitability
- Scale Sustainably

  • Main category
  • Inventory
  • Price range
  • $500-1000 USD per year
  • Operating systems
  • Android, iOS, Linux, MacOS, Other, Windows