Sell On Instagram, Facebook & Through Email Marketing

Sell Your Etsy Products Directly Through Instagram & Facebook!

Spreesy is the most powerful social commerce solution for Etsy sellers of all sizes. You can list a new product in seconds on Facebook & Instagram - selling to your customers where they're most engaged. Thousands of sellers trust Spreesy to automate their sales, invoicing, checkout, and payments every day.


Instagram • Spreesy is the first service to enable selling directly on Instagram. Anyone can purchase your Etsy products by commenting on your Instagram posts with their email address.

Facebook • Spreesy gives you 3 distinct ways to sell Etsy products directly through your Facebook pages: shoppable posts, shoppable albums, and a store tab.

Spreesy Stores • Shoppable Store: as a Spreesy seller you get a beautiful, mobile-friendly site where your customers can browse and purchase your products from any device.

How Does It Work?

  1. Import & Sync - Import your entire Etsy product library to Spreesy with just two clicks. Upon successfully connecting your Etsy account to Spreesy, your existing and future Etsy listings will automatically import into Spreesy and update when edited.
  2. Post - Using the Post button on your Spreesy Products dashboard, you can seamlessly post your Etsy products directly to Instagram or Facebook.
  3. Sell - Your followers can purchase by commenting on your shoppable posts with their email address. Spreesy then automatically sends them a secure Etsy checkout link email.

✓ Real-time inventory syncing across Spreesy & Etsy.

✓ Spreesy charges a flat 3% transaction fee. There are no monthly fees and no listing fees.

✓ No contracts, no commitments, cancel anytime.

✓ Mobile-optimized product pages and checkout for your customers.

✓ Seamless posting across your social networks from our mobile app.

Join Spreesy today and start selling your Etsy products directly through social networks!

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  • 3% transaction fee
  • Operating systems
  • Android, iOS, Linux, MacOS, Other, Windows
  • E-mail
  • support at spreesy.com

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