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The quickest & easiest way to connect & network with other Sellers on Etsy, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!

Etsy Social is Social Media Marketing made QUICK, EASY and MEASURABLE! Build your audience on Etsy, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in record time. Swiftly connect with other sellers across all four platforms from one convenient location and save yourself from the grueling task of having to visit one individual webpage after another. No where else can you gain so many 'Favorites', 'Hearts', 'Likes' and 'Follows' for your shop in so little time! Your Directory Listing and Public Profile on Etsy Social PROMOTES your shop with 'Treasury' style Featured Products that link directly to your products on Etsy. And that's not all!

Featured Products have two call to action buttons--'Favorite' and 'Add to Cart'. Visitors can use them to update their Etsy without leaving Etsy Social. If you've ever joined a social media team on Etsy and tried to Like EVERYONE on Facebook and Follow them ALL on Etsy, Twitter or Instagram, you know how incredibly hard if not impossible it is to do without a major commitment of time! On Etsy Social you would just search for your Team's Tag in the Directory to generate a list, then go down the line Following, Favoriting and Liking--and be done in a snap!Why not join today?

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  • $21 Quarterly | $36 Semi Annually | $60 Annually
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  • Android, iOS, Linux, MacOS, Other, Windows

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