iPhone/iPad Task Manager App for Etsy Sellers, including fee calculators.

Craft Task Manager is an Etsy sellers iPhone/iPad app that can be used to track the status of individual items within your orders. As individual items are ready they can be ticked off, making it easy to see which orders are ready to ship.
Additionally the app provides a way to work out how much profit you make over given time period. It calculates the Etsy and Paypal fees as items are sold, and allows the user to enter a cost price per item listed. You can also enter the actual shipping costs vs the shipping charged. At the end of the month you can quickly see what the profit estimate is.This is a handy tool for Etsy sellers. We see it as a companion for the existing Etsy iPhone/iPad app. You would use both apps to get the most out of your Etsy experience.


• Track order progress by using checkboxes for completed order components
• Record actual postage costs vs charged costs
• Record listing cost price
• Record order notes
• Etsy Fee Calculator
• Paypal Fee Calculator
• Credit Card Fee Calculator
• Advertising Calculator
• Profit Calculator

iPad version available now!

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Accepts credit cards