The service that backs up your Etsy shop for you!

Backtsy is an automatic shop backup service with manual restore optionsWhy do we think Etsy sellers needed?Peace of mind: Etsy is a reliable and well established web service and our existing shop data is perfectly safe with Etsy.
However Etsy will not protect us from:
-Human errors
-Changes we applied in a listing that resulted in reduced traffic
-Forgetting to renew a listing after sell cancellation

While most of your shop data exists somewhere on your PC it is very likely that when you will need it - it will take a long time to find the updated data of your shop.In addition, we sometimes need to revert to previous version of our shop (Applying changes back from holiday promotion for example).Etsy provide a manual backup of listing text only however they do not provide backup for images and other information of the shop (policies, about etc.) and you need to find the time in your busy schedule to manually do it.
PC’s hard disks also fail from time to time and we are not always aware if we got the shop data we need and which version of the pictures we used….For this cases and others we would like to offer automatic backup and manual restore options of your shop.Backtsy does not require and software installation. Setup and use of the service are very simple and the peace of mine is priceless-Seller tools-Requires a paid subscription (Starts at $2 a month)

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